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1986 - 1999
Bresciacar is a story of passion.
Friends long before we became partners, Giuliano and I started this adventure a long time ago, in a cold 1987 winter.

It was a small showroom, a bit old and worn out...
but we had plenty of enthusiasm, and the first twelve years flew away.

The core business was represented by new car sales: those were the years where grey imports would offer immediate availability of the VW Golf and Mercedes Classes 190 and 200. Then came the first SUVs, the new Jeep Cherokees etcetera.

But in a far corner of the showroom our classic cars were growing in numbers: they were, and are, my true passion. And customers would come in, see them at the back and ask if they were for sale..
1999 - 2013
By the year 1999 we were due for the lease renewal of the showroom, and a costly restoration would have been necessary.
Basically a huge investment on something we didn`t own.
So we opted for a bigger effort: build our own premises.

By the end of the nineties I was progressively leaving new car sales and concentrating more and more on the classics, my passion.

Perhaps I was born "old" but while at eighteen my peers were dying after the new VW Golf, I was chasing old Triumph Spitfires..
2013 ..
Come 2008, motivated by the European new car crisis, I decided to leave definitely this branch of our business.
I was tired of the harsh dealings that were repeating themselves over and over: list price, options, discount...more discount.
So, good bye.

Every classic car is a story of its own: there are no two alike, even if make and model are the same. Studying their history, following the restoration processes, tracing old owners and subsequent ownership transferrals are fascinating steps that, as part of this job, make for challenging and inspiring experiences.

Classic car sales require knowledge and sensitivity, and I believe such dealings should take place in a relaxed environment, away from intruders walking around as you explain a particular model to a customer who perhaps came from quite far away.
So...we moved again. No longer needing windows to show the newest Porsche or BMW, or a parking lot to display second hand trade-ins, we came to this new place where visits are by appointment only, for a more private experience.

But we won`t show a picture of the new showroom...we`d like you to come see it in person.