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looking for ?

The dream of a lifetime ?

Are you looking for a car, but aren`t able to choose among the hundreds of offers on magazines and internet ads?

You like one but don`t understand if it`s in good shape, if it has been properly restored and the price is correct for that particular model?

Would you rather entrust someone who works in this field, so that he`ll take care of all preliminary steps concerning selection and price evaluation?

You have seen a car somewhere abroad but don`t feel like facing the dealing in another language, or follow the paperwork and registration procedure?

Our job is to take care of all this.
You could be searching a classic that you don`t see in our stock: but we might have come across that very car a while ago when looking at a collection, or maybe while serching another car for a customer.

Call us: a short talk or a few mails could bring you closer to the car of your dreams!