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logistics & services

Move, Store

Bresciacar can take care of all issues concerning relocation of your cars.

Are you a resident of the UK, or from the States or Japan?
Have you been accepted to the Mille Miglia and don`t know how to manage your car while in transit from your country to here?

Contact us: we`ll take care of receiving it, preparing it and have it ready for you when you arrive in Italy.

Beauty clinic for classic cars

At Bresciacar not only do we source and sell classic cars.

We like to offer a better service, spanning from the search for a specific model to its partial or complete restoration.

Here cars belonging to our customers (and not) can be kept for short or long term stays in a clean and protected environment.

All batteries are maintained fully charged so that your classics will be ready to go at any time.

We can guarantee a top standard cleaning and valeting service, and promise you that at the next event your car will be shining like no other!